Thursday, December 22, 2005


Yesterday I got little done, except spending the day with my 3-year-old. That was nice, but I'm one who has great difficulty taking time off. It's a strange psychological phenomenon, since often my time "on" is served wondering what I should be doing. Then again, that is my modus operandi, contemplating, cogitating, mulling, considering, then finally bam, I make some sort of link, and I'm off writing again.

But I get irritable when I've been distracted by things outside of my private world, when I haven't been able to get a mental reading on where I am and where I'm going. It's funny, most people think of me as an extrovert. But there is another side of me that thrives on quiet and solitude. I need both to feel whole. Having a three year old and a one year old around make it difficult to find that quiet space. This is compounded by my status as a Visiting Scholar, which in this particular situation means I have no office space to myself. I work most of the time in a shared computer lab, and other times at the library or another shared work space mostly occupied by graduate students.

Right now I have quiet. The boys are at the zoo with someone else, and I'm alone at home. The first task is to "decompress". Hopefully I'll be up and running before they get back.

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