Wednesday, December 21, 2005

An exhausting day

Exhausting, yes. Work related, no. I spent the day getting some warranty work done on (and a new battery installed in) my car. The dealership is about an hour away. So I took the three year old with me. We went miniature golfing, then wasted another 2 or so hours, because the dealership was bad at estimating time.

Life is sometimes rather mundane. But you know, I really enjoyed spending the day with my son. Being a parent is many things (both pleasant and unpleasant) but it is almost never mundane. And I didn't really miss the work that much. Frankly, my work is completely self-directed, meaning I could go in any of a dozen directions with it. It's difficult at times to decide which path to work on. Mostly, I'm hoping and waiting for a job interview, so I have a better sense of what kind of department would be interested in my work, which would sure help me decide which path to follow.

That's not to say that I don't do any "work" most days. I just have about four projects going concurrently, and I make piecemeal progress on each of them. Sometimes taking a break from all of them is just what I need to get some better perspective. And that was my day.

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