Saturday, October 07, 2006

The next few days

We're sorting and purging. There's a large pile of items we've decided to donate. But we're still going through things. The packers come on Monday, and the loaders fill the truck on Tuesday. It is nice to have others take care of those tasks, but there are ways in which having others move for you is not quite the boon it would otherwise seem. We're trying to take the opportunity of a move to downsize anyhow. The two of us are allergic to waste, which makes it difficult to rid ourselves of otherwise useful items, despite the fact that they've been of no use to us for years.

In any case, it hasn't quite settled in that we're really leaving, that this house for instance will cease to be our home in just a few days. I think I'm looking forward to the change... but I'm not really sure how much of a change it will be, how much it will impact my life, other than finding new places to shop and eat. Energy. That's what I'm really seeking now. Get moved. Get settled. Get going.

It will be a busy few weeks coming up. I've got several conference abstracts to work up, a book proposal to draft, a guest lecture to prepare, and more job applications to attend to. There are two interesting University posts with December deadlines, and a very close full-time tenure-track community college position with a November deadline. More articles to work up and send off. And I am committed to starting data gathering for my [Longitudinal Project] just as soon as I can. There are so many things I could be moving ahead on, if I can only find the energy to pursue them, damn the job market and limbo-induced depression.

Energy, energy! That's all I need.

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Weezy said...

Best of luck with the job market-- and remember, caffeine is our friend!