Monday, October 23, 2006

Oh so many things

Hi Larry,

It's been nearly a year since we last wrote. I see now there is an open position in [subfield 1] in the [Field 1] department at Big West Private (in addition to the post at [your center]). I am, as you might have guessed, quite interested, especially if it might permit collaborations with your group.

Do you know anything about the post? Is it a replacement for someone who has retired, or is it entirely new? Are they targeting particular curricular needs, specific courses? Let me know what you can.

Larry Strope is a professor in [Field 1], and director of a research center, at a big west coast private school. He also happens to be the son of Harry Strope, the member of my dissertation committee whom I've mentioned before. We had been in touch before when I had applied for a post-doc at his school last year.
Hi Articulate,

It's great to hear about your interest. We have the one opening in [subfield 1] and are short at least 3 or so faculty after retirements, etc.

I don't have the answers. Usually, we search pretty widely. I'm cc'ing Jasmine Lear so you can be in touch with the committee directly for better information.

Best of luck to you -- it would be great to see work like yours become part of the fabric here. And if you think the [Research Center] post fits better, let me know how that angle suits you.


And, I spoke today for about 20 minutes or so, with a professor at [Lake View U.], the one who served on a panel I organized a conference a couple years back, and who has been quite open and supportive in the past. Let's call him Joe Krowicki. He was the other departmental contact whom I wrote to about the post. He had written back with him home number for me to call and talk.

It was a good conversation, open, honest. This is someone I could trust, a good colleague. In the end, it sounds like there may in fact be two positions open or opening. Joe happens to be chairing the search committee, and weakened the blow a bit from the email I had received from his colleague, saying that yes, they are looking for someone who could teach courses in [subfield 2], but he indicated the specific courses would likely depend on the individual. He spoke as if not to discourage me from applying. He also indicated that, should the second post open up, they'd certainly have more flexibility.

He volunteered quite a bit of information, and was willing to discuss what might be sensitive areas (like for instance why a colleague of ours had failed to get tenure, and had taken a post elsewhere). We also discussed the two-body problem a bit. It's refreshing to talk and listen without minced words.

It's a tough call. LVU is near the Rocket Scientist's family, but the area offers her little in the way of her specialization. LVU would be a great place for me to work. I guess I apply, and we make the decisions when we have them to make. I told Joe that it sounded like I should send them my stuff, that I won't hold my breath, but if there's a job for me to fill at LVU, I'd be delighted to fill it.

As for BWP... that's another one I'll be applying for. There's one more definite after that, and two or three maybes that I still need to research. That makes one down, three to go, then we'll see from there.

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