Friday, October 13, 2006


I'm blogging from the hotel, but all our stuff is moved into the new house. Most things are unpacked, but there's a heck of a lot of sorting and organizing and rearranging to do. We still have to set up our trash pickup; better do that soon, before our can is full. Need to arrange some sort of internet at home as well. And a phone. But our fridge arrived today, and the stove works fine. We tested it with a frozen pizza.

It's a weird feeling being here. I feel up and down. I like our new home. I'm excited about the new city, and surroundings, about seeking new contacts, and developing the ones I've made. I feel like this is the beginning of something big. I'm just not sure where it will lead. It may be this is the year my patience (I try!) and perseverance pay off, when I finally get a faculty post I'll love. But it just as likely may be the year I decide to hang up those dreams, and strike out in different directions. I'm ambivalent in a way, which is very odd for me. Perhaps it's just the change hitting me at once. Maybe the next couple weeks will iron it all out.

I expect to blog lightly for a while, as I have been the past couple weeks, especially since I don't have internet at home yet, and I'm not sure how much or how long I'll be using the hotel room. Now it's late. I came to get our toiletries, and couple stuffed animals for the boys, then back... home.

Articulate Dad... out.

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