Wednesday, April 18, 2007


This according to Thomas Bartlett and Elyse Ashburn at the Chronicle of Higher Education:
It appears that Mr. Cho may have been planning the massacre for more than a month. According to the Associated Press, he went to a Roanoke, Va., gun shop five weeks ago and walked out with a Glock 19 handgun and 50 rounds of ammunition. Mr. Cho also used a .22-caliber handgun in the slayings.
This according to Andrea Hopkins and Patricia Zengerle at Reuters:
The gunman who went on a rampage at Virginia Tech had been confronted by university police in 2005 over complaints he was bothering women students and was sent to a mental health facility because of worries he was suicidal, police said on Wednesday.
And they let this guy have a gun!

This according to the Economist:
IT IS surely an American oddity that, after the worst mass shooting in the country’s history, some are already saying that such horrors would be less likely if only guns were easier to own and carry. Americans love firearms.
Can we speak of a culture of violence?

This according to a Reuters report from Baghdad:
Car bombs killed nearly 170 people in Baghdad on Wednesday in the deadliest attacks in the city since U.S. and Iraqi forces launched a security crackdown aimed at halting the country's slide into sectarian civil war.
And our president wants more fire power to... what? ... fight fire with fire? Oooh boy, we see how well that works!

Nota Bene (full disclosure): the author of this post was once a member of the NRA, at the age of 13, while attending a military academy in Virginia! I have shot weapons at paper and clay targets. I wish never to aim one at a human being. I own none. My membership to the NRA has long since expired.

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Lilian said...

I'm truly glad that you walked away from that. I was listening NPR tonight (The World) and people from many other countries were wondering why it was that Americans were not thinking that what had caused such a tragedy had been a lack of gun control. I especially liked the analysis of one British citizen who called in to the BBC...

Good post.