Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Lemon Zest

Here I am visiting my mom. Activity continues unabated. When I applied last week for the local one-year post, I made contact with Tasse Plein and with Jim Lodz to request (expedited, electronic) letters of recommendation. Both were happy to oblige, and both mentioned that they had just received requests from Midwestern City University for letters on my behalf (they had asked merely for contact info in the application). I had attempted to contact a third recommender (who as it turns out is recovering from a broken leg). So, I asked the third letter be sent from my grad school placement file.

Hmmm... Midwestern City University. Ah, interesting; but I've been on long-short lists before. As I said to Jim Lodz: Not holding my breath anymore; it makes me turn blue. Won't even think about it too much. If I get a call, I get a call.

Then, I got an email from my friend Sara Chaisano. Here is the latest in the saga from Lemon University:
Hi Articulate,

Please forgive me for taking so long to respond! As I mentioned, I'm insanely busy this semester... I'm catching up on all my email now.

... I am also emailing to let you know that we've gotten the go ahead to hire some adjuncts to teach certain courses. If you are still interested, would you be willing to come back to Lemon to meet some other faculty members and do a little teaching in one of the classes?

We're looking at [Course #1]--which you've taught before, for non-majors, and our major [Course #2] The first is Tu/Th I think from 1-2:15, and the second is Wed. evenings 7-9:45 or so. I will find out for you what the pay rate is. I know that since you have a doctorate it will be at the highest level. If you're interested, [Other Prof], who coordinates the #2 courses here, would like for you to come do a little lecture in class some Wed. evening. You could come down and we could do dinner around 5 then you could talk at 7. He would tell you just what to talk about, I'm not sure how long--30 minutes, an hour--he would let you know.

It would be like an interview. Of course I already know you and have seen you talk at conferences and teach in a classroom, so it's a little more relaxed than otherwise. Let me know if your interested and we can arrange things!

Take care, and hello to your family,
Hmmm... I'm mostly just confused. As I've said before... close a door, and someone will knock. If I follow the path that begins to open for me, which I've spent much of the past three years hoping for, and fretting over, will I become less than my dreams?

How strange to now see opportunities as consolation prizes. Three years is a long time to be beaten down, long enough to make one question everything, to expect nothing. Misery really. So, now I have the strong likelihood of being offered a teaching gig, albeit part-time, and a couple more nibbles regarding full-time teaching, one tenure-track.

Talked with Rocket last night. Can't really see any reason not to move ahead with the opportunity at Lemon. I think getting my own classroom again would be a wonderful boost to my self-confidence. And, the income wouldn't hurt. As WhatNow? recently commented teaching could be a good complement to building a consultancy. The schedule Sara outlines sounds quite doable, since I could likely avoid rush-hour traffic.

I guess I'm cautiously excited. We shall see.

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