Thursday, June 22, 2006

Chameleon (breakfast edition)

This morning at breakfast:
The Painter: (slowly blinking his eyes) Daddy, how come you keep changing to grey, and then back to the usual color?

Au Pair: Maybe he's a chameleon.

The Painter: No, he's not a chameleon... you think maybe it has to do with me closing my eyes?

No comment.


Prof. Me said...

Love it! You have to post more Painter and Inventor stories, AD. You really do. These kinds of comments are priceless.

Lilian said...

Smart boy!!

I love the new look, it's GREAT! Beautiful and "refreshing."

I just read your comment at ABD Mom's. I wrote there: "Articulate Dad's story is extremely scary too! My uncle died in a situation like the one that he experienced almost 30 years ago (some other guy had a heart attack and his car crossed the road and hit my uncle's)."

ArticulateDad said...

Thanks, both, for your comments... and thanks to undine for a remark in my previous post.

Now, if only I could figure out how to get my blog title and subtitle back into the header, I'll be happy.