Thursday, June 29, 2006


Time to get more organized. I find (like many of us) when I'm busiest, I'm often most productive. When I've got idle time on my hands, I get little accomplished. To ward against that, I'm going to get organized. I figure the more efficiently I use my time, not only do I get more work done, but I'll have more energy and time to spend with my boys.

We're thinking of renewing our au pair for the coming year, but cutting back to the educares level, which would be about 30 hours a week of childcare, allowing her time to take 12 units of classes, instead of the current 6. That would be her preference, and it would save us some dough.

Assuming we're still here in the fall, and I don't have a full-time gig, I might like to take the boys two days per week on my own, instead of the current one. That would leave me three days to get work done, and a weekend with the family. We're also planning to get The Painter in a preschool, two or three half-days per week. That'll cost something, but it'd be good to get him more socialized, and for us to meet other parents. We're pretty much loners. So, we've got to work against that tendency.

In any case, money isn't really the issue. We've always lived within our means, and found a way to save for future dreams and such. The real issue is happiness. And I'm happiest when I feel my work makes a contribution to bettering the world, to furthering our knowledge and understanding. And so, I must work, research, publish, and present. I'll do that even if I open a cafe.

Meantime, scheduling. I've started by keeping track of the time I spend doing what, like a calorie counter marking their intake. I'll do that for a week, and see what it tells me. Then I can budget my time, allotting time for specific tasks, setting my priorities.

One of those priorities is getting back in shape. I did my 21 minute ride on the bicycle trainer today. Then a shower. I feel energized, awake, and alive.


J. Otto Pohl said...

I found since I moved to Arizona the best way to be more productive is just to eliminate certain time wasting activities. Television was the big one. I eliminated that completely. I also cut way down on my internet usage. Thus I had a lot more time to read, write and excercise. I find it best to write at least one page a day first thing in the morning. That way I am always progressing.

Just about anything is a better use of time than watching TV for me. The only thing that I find worthwhile on TV anymore are certain sporting events. So while I am watching some World Cup games while I am on vacation in California. When I return to Arizona I will again live without any television.

Another bad use of time sorry to say is surfing the internet and looking at blogs. Yours is one of the better ones, but alot are just good ways to raise my blood pressure. At home in AZ I check my e-mail and update my blog at the library which limits me to 3 hours a day online. It also requires a five mile walk each way so I get my exercise. I also usually pick up some books during the excursion. Reading books is almost always a worthwhile activity.

If I get up and start writing before 7:00 a.m. I can get between one and three pages done before 9:00 a.m. each day. These pages really add up. You can easily finish a book manuscript in less than a year in this manner. Of course finding a publisher takes alot longer.

undine said...

PowerProf had a suggestion for Egg Timer Plus (, I think). I liked it and even paid $5 for the registered version. This helps keep me on task, although like the previous poster, I realize that I spend too much time reading blogs.