Friday, June 02, 2006

Northern climes

I had failed to realize just how far North I am here. It was light until 9:00 or so, and I awoke (hadn't really fallen asleep at all) to find the day bright, and the birds achirping, only to discover it was barely 4:00 in the morning. So much light! I forced myself to lie in bed (serially) until sometime after 8:00 in hopes that my head on the pillow would somehow absorb enough rest.

But I actually feel quite refreshed and ready for the day. Discovered this morning (Statcounter obsession) a reader of this blog (multiple returning visits) who's here where I am, perhaps someone I will meet today at the conference. Will they know me? Will I recognize them? Odd, but not terrible. Interesting.

I'm planning to simply enjoy the conference, to revel in the research, the excitement of interdisplinary thinking on a focused topic, my topic (at least part of it). I'm a bit less committed to cutting and running than I may have appeared in my last post. Not that I won't pursue those options. I must. Pure survival. But I still hope against hope that the world of academia can provide me a home. But I am certain that the world of research and ideas is already my home.

Enjoy the day. It's bright and breezy here. Delightful.


zu brav said...

Hope you enjoy Scotland and your conference!

Mother of an almost PhD, I am a regular reader of your blog. Thank you for sharing your thoughts so brilliantly with the planet and I do wish that you will find job satisfaction one way or the other.

Take care and bring your kids and wife some cookies from Scotland! They are delicious...

Lilian said...

I'm glad you were having a good time. I hope the presentation went on well and that you have a good trip home.