Thursday, December 14, 2006

Oh the joys

Well, the good news is, apparently Oldest Brother has managed to get his disability pay reinstated, so he'll be earning... well, let's say he'll be making about as much as I expect to make if I land a junior faculty post, as disability payment. There is a possibility then that he'll remain where he is (though frankly I think it's not likely, and his financial situation would be much better if he did move in with us). I'm not going to force the situation though. Lord knows it wouldn't be easier on me.

But he is going to come down (with the Nephew) for Hannukah. Latest plan is they'll arrive on Monday. And how long do you plan to stay? Oh, I was thinking we'd stay until Sunday. [The wife chimes in:] Um... OB, you know, um... my parents are arriving Tuesday. [Me:] So, we're going to have a full house for a week.

Good thing the au pair is taking a vacation with friends to South America. We'll have her bedroom to use as well. [SIGH] What are you going to say? Family!

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