Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Oh, nothing free lasts forever

Three weeks since I wrote Office Internet. Sad to say, they've moved, today. I am once again internetless at the office. (I came home for a visit to check email and such). Another neighbor in the building agreed to set up wireless access to his connection, if I bring a network transmitter. I guess that's still my best bet, since it'd be $60-100/month to set up my own connection, and possibly a minimum of a year contract. Since I'm hoping against hope to be somewhere else by the time my nine-month lease expires in August, I'd rather avoid that.

***Updated to add:

Nothing Free lasts for ever, part two

Remember my ethical dilemma from October, regarding the stereo received we bought ourselves for our ninth anniversary, when the company sent us two, then credited our account when we returned the second? Well, they finally caught up with themselves. I got a voice mail yesterday evening saying they needed to clarify the situation. When I called back it was explained that they had somehow inadvertently sent us two receivers. ("No, duh... look at your notes, I called, explained the matter, then returned the second one"). But they apparently figured out (two months later) that the customer service agent I spoke with had written things up wrong, and thus they processed the return, and credited us for the one charge. ("Uh... yeah"). So, now they'll be sending us a new invoice for the receiver. ("Um... yeah, sure... we're happy to pay for it.") So, that is that.

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Lilian said...

I hope it works out. Internetless life is no fun!