Monday, December 11, 2006

Another nibble, and yaiiee, this one tastes good

Got an email this morning from the administrator for Larry Strope's Center at Big West Private University.
Dear Dr. Dad,

Thank you for applying to the position opening at the Center for Interdisciplinary Research in [Field 1] and [related science field] in the Department of [Field 1] at Big West Private University. As our committee proceeds with the search process, we would greatly appreciate additional materials for consideration.
The letter goes on for three more paragraphs.

Excruciating. Not pain... nerves. Ooh this would be good. Here's from the job posting:
Teaching responsibilities at the undergraduate and graduate levels will include courses in the candidate’s areas of expertise.
Um... like, I'd be teaching what I'm really interested in? This would be, from what I can tell, a well balanced research/teaching post.

I think I want this job. Relax, relax.

But can I just say that, after a year of virtually nothing (other than the interview for the one-term gig at Beautiful Nowhere), to get two requests for supplemental materials in the one week is quite exhilarating.


BrightStar said...

How exciting! Best wishes.

Tracy said...

Things are happening, AD. Things are HAPPENING!

trillwing said...

Yay! I'm thrilled for you.

Lilian said...

Yes, this is really, really exciting!

ArticulateDad said...

Here goes the rollercoaster again. I'll try to keep my eyes open this time. Can't see what's around the next turn, but I'm trying to enjoy the ride.