Friday, December 08, 2006

Any club...

It's when I get reactions like this that my "any club that'd have me" response bubbles up. Yesterday, I submitted an abstract for this conference next Spring on the same subject as a conference panel I organized five years ago (the one on which Pam Bridgeport participated).
Dear Articulate

Good to hear from you with this very exciting abstract. I'll enjoy circulating it amongst the conference committee.

All best wishes

I'd like to think that I'm that good, that I'm that sought-after. Yet, my immediate thought is: God, they must be desperate. I wonder if they have too few submissions. The deadline's in a week. It's hard to retain self-confidence when I've been all but ignored for two years in my quest for a university post. If I'm really all that, how come no one has hired me?

No self-pity. Just keep at it. That's the advice I keep hearing. At least it's the advice I wish to listen to. Keep plugging away. Keep writing. Keep presenting. Keep my chin up. Maybe in some circles, I am that good. If you want to be a big fish, choose your pond carefully.

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