Monday, December 04, 2006

Latest from Lake View U.

Got a call a little while ago, from Joe Krowicki at Lake View U. I have written about them many times here. Regarding this most recent posting, I indicated I was a bit unsure. As it turns out, from Joe's explanation during the call, the post is no longer really open to [true subfield]. The dean has nixed that idea. As Joe put it,
I've been asked to rewrite the description, and send a letter to all those who have applied, asking if they wish to still be considered for the post. It looks like innovation is on hold at Lake View U. Terrible thing to say, but there you have it.
Not exactly what I wanted to hear, but it is really good having a colleague like Joe. Silence is the enemy more than anything else.

It's disappointing because Lake View U. is one of less than a handful of schools in the States that has an established program in [true subfield].
I wouldn't say that [true subfield] is dead at Lake View U. but it's on life support.
That's how Joe put it.

Any ideas?.
Um... no, not really. You're pretty entrepreneurial. You'll think of something, I'm sure.

Despite the lack of specific guidance, it was quite a friendly conversation. I get the feeling that many who know me and my work are really pulling for me, trusting that something, somwhere will work out for me. As it turns out, Joe was one of the letter writers for Sara Chaisano's successful tenure-review. Small world.

There still remain 14 other schools (okay, mark that down to 13, since the first school would have called or contacted my references by now if they were interested) which still might pan out. And there are several more with January deadlines.

Meantime, I'm working on getting an agent for my children's books, and working up conference papers. I've got one more abstract to prepare (assuming I'm going to submit) in the next week or so. Then, there are the revisions of my dissertation, and continuing my compilation and editing of my dad's writing for that memoir. And, I've got to recruit volunteers for my [longitudinal study]. Much work. Too little time to feel sorry for myself. Who knows... maybe when I blink, good news will come knocking on my door.


Breena Ronan said...

I'm just writing this because I'm unsure about my own career, but are you sure that you want an academic job? Do earlier posts discuss this? I love teaching and learning but sometimes the hassles of academia seem overwhelming.

Anonymous said...

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