Thursday, September 07, 2006

Relayed message

The following is an email sent to my host department chair, with a request that it be forwarded along to me. Why they were able to locate the chair's contact but not my own remains a mystery.

Dear Articulate

Thomas Porter* has given me your name, and suggested I contact you regarding a conference I am planning for [Date next spring]. The conference is called [same as a conference panel I organized in Belgium a few years back], and will be hosted by the [Name of Institute] at [UK University], in conjunction with [further details]. [Physical Sciences Big Name] and [Social Sciences Big Name] will be giving the keynotes for that event.

The conference is intended to explore the topic from both scientific and historical standpoints.

I would be grateful for any help your can provide - a paper please! - and the names of any people in the field you suggest I contact. I have already established a basic working group, including [Big Names in Field 1].

Many thanks for your help, in advance, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Bidar Aharon
Dr Bidar Aharon
Reader in [Field 1]
Director, Postgraduate Studies in [Field 1]
Director, Centre for [Field 1 subfield]
General Editor, [Field 1 subfield journal] [Publisher**]
General Editor, [Field 1 other subfield journal] [Same Publisher]
[UK University]
* No idea who this is, likely someone who found my PRW, or attended my panel in Belgium back when.
** Just so happens to be the same publisher as the one whose acquisitions editor I wrote to recently.

So, all told, I suppose my efforts to mark my niche and make a name for myself are beginning to pay off. Of course, a paper please! and we'll gladly cover your expenses are too quite different expressions, as I well know. But, yeah, sure, why not.

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