Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Another one down

I'm trekking along. Another article down. And I've started to come up with some more ideas about what to write up and where to submit it.

In fact, inspired by Bright Star's recent degree of productivity and her comments, I just did a quick selection from my dissertation, which I will subject to more severe editing and rewriting this week. I plan to send off the "distillation article" by the weekend. I just have to render 114 pages down to about 30-40. Most of that is examples, with analysis and discussion, so it should be easy enough to just drop that down to say 60-70 pages. The rest will take more work. But I'm determined.

I'll get more than silence on my dissertation work, one way or the other!

1 comment:

BrightStar said...

How exciting!!! Go, Articulate Dad. I do think submitting for external review is the way to move forward at this point, and it will make you all the more marketable for jobs. You sound so motivated.