Tuesday, January 10, 2006

If only it would rain again

While I'm on a poetry kick. Here's another one of mine, completely unrelated to depression in any form. It's no mystery however that I wrote this before having children (sometime in 1999, best I can decipher). There is a feeling of freedom and solitude that as a father I find hard to recapture just now. I'm not sure I lament it's passing (and I suppose it will return again at a later point in my life), but I recognize the stages of life passing from one to another. What is appropriate at one time, becomes less so at another. It's neither good nor bad, simply a different time.

To Dance in the Rain

Great big tears weep from the sky.
I wonder at why the heavens have cause to cry.
And yet the tears embrace me as I dance
in the mud, on the ground.
Their tears encumber me with their wet weight,
Endrenching my clothes in their embrace, melting
One tear into the next, becoming altogether one,
One with each other, one with the mud, one with
The rains, with me and the sky.
And heavily my vestments cling to my flesh
Holding my shape as a hand caressing the form of
My body, the shell of my dwelling, and I
Feel not so much alone with myself, abandoned, but
Alone as one with the earth and sky.

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