Thursday, January 19, 2006

Up early

Got up around 6:00 am this morning. I'm inspired by my wife. Yesterday and today, she awoke (before dawn) to get into work early. There's a backlog of work there, and some important deadlines coming up. She's got lead responsibility for a program. She had kissed me good-day just a few minutes earlier, but I still missed her. My fault, I forgot to put her coffee on last night before going to bed.

She's being an inspiration to me. It's got to cycle like that. Before we moved here initially, so I could go back to school, she had been miserable in her former job. It wasn't what she had planned or expected of her field. The work left her cold. She was bored. I helped give her perspective, and when the time came, I helped her "escape". We've been through quite a few incarnations since then. And now, suddenly, she's more driven and interested by her work here.

She keeps reminding me how lucky I am, that I have a lot going for me: a wonderful family, a PhD, wit, charm (those are her words!). It is a real blessing to have someone like her as my partner. With all the talk about divorce lately, from some of my blog-friends and other parts of my RL, I want to say it's wonderful to have someone who is truly a partner in my life, to share the ups and downs with. I wish the same on all of you.

6:48 am: Now, I've got to run. The one-year-old is up. Daddy duty calls.

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