Wednesday, January 25, 2006

History jobs and calm nerves

It looks like History is the field to be in these days (too bad it's not my field). More jobs than PhDs.

In other news, according to Reuters, researchers in Paisley have determined that sex before a talk or presentation is what the doctor ordered. Another good reason to bring your lovers along for job talks, but leave them in the hotel room.


BrightStar said...

That second article totally explains now why people travel with partners to conferences! I've always wondered.

ArticulateDad said...

I suppose it also explains why so many have affairs at conferences.

Of course, the one time I brought my wife to a conference (in Belgium) and our first son, who was just a few months old, the talk (actually a talk and chairing two sessions) was a success, but I wound up not attending anything besides my panels the first day. I was too busy enjoying my family's company.

Prof. Me said...

I brought my husband to one of my conferences in Chicago a few years ago. He was excited because we got to spend some time together away from ST, and excited to see the Cubs play at Wrigley.

The last night, however, circumstances required him to be present during part of a panel and then for a University reception. Since then, he said he's never coming to another academic conference again. "Man," he sighed, "you people are boooooooring!"

You know, he's right.