Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A new meme

Okay, let me start a new one.

Here are five things I do for distraction or amusement:

1) Gardening. I just love to prune overgrown bushes, and weed. More mulch, less grass.

2) Cooking. What therapy. There's something wonderful about creating a delicious meal. And it's always better when there's someone to share it with, who appreciates it. I smile at how my mother-in-law privately asked my wife recently if I were cooking special just for their visit, or do we eat "like this" all the time.

3) Write poetry. But less and less these days. Still it's something I am pleased to have done, and still will turn to, when the circumstances require. My dad was a good poet. It was something we shared, and something I miss in his absence.

4) Check email. All too often, I confess. I used to be obsessive (still am a bit) about the mail, wanting to know precisely when it arrived, so I could open it right away. Email is a distraction for me, especially when I feel like I'm just biding time. When I have other things to do, I don't miss it so much.

5) My latest: The Legend of Zelda. I bought my wife a GameCube for mother's day a couple years ago, along with the game, because she had really liked it when we were visiting some relatives of hers a few years ago. I thought it would be a surprise. But I've played it more than she has. That was not my intention, but it's an entertaining escape.

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