Monday, January 09, 2006

Five weird things

This has been going around. Thought I'd give it my shot.

Five weird things about me:

1) I don't like putting silverware away. I leave it for last, when unstacking the dishwasher, and try to pawn it off on someone else when I can.

2) I've not lived anywhere for 5 years running, except once, when I was 4-11.

3) I'm strongly right-hemisphere dominant for language (even though I'm right-handed). I can't hold a phone to my right ear (contra-lateral connections are stronger!) for more than a few seconds without becoming disconcerted.

4) I started college at 15, after only two years of high school. I received a bachelor's degree 12 years later. I got a GED in my fourth year of enrollment at college, because my school required a high school diploma. I started graduate school, before having completed my bachelor's, necessitating taking a class at my graduate school, to transfer back to my undergraduate institution, so I could graduate.

5) I love learning languages (I can passably speak about 7), have an excellent ear for imitation and a good accent, but I'm terrible at grammar.

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