Monday, January 23, 2006


Apologies to all of you regulars. My moods go up and down. Today was a bit better. Good meeting with the Young Professor in my department, who gave me a good deal of suggestions for rearranging and honing my CV, and suggested that I fear not to extend my cover letters beyond one page, especially since I should spend a few paragraphs outlining my research, and not be afraid to tackle the "here's why this is relevant to you" issues.

And, I've spent the day going over two of the foreign language articles that I need to work my way through. The deal is there is a series of articles, by a central figure in my dissertation (written about 100 years ago), but unavailable in English (unless I translate them), and virtually unavailable in their original (a language with about 10 million native speakers). I just didn't incorporate that work directly into my diss. But, it seems necessary to fill in that gap now. So, I'm on the path. I'll keep you all informed of the journey.

Thanks for being there.


BrightStar said...

definitely you can write cover letters longer than a page.

skylar said...

Congratulations on moving beyond the fog you have been sitting in. As you already know, empowering yourself is the best way out of the darkness.