Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Branching out: movement afoot

Dear Biker*,

It was good running into you the other day at Trader Joe's. You suggested that I contact you if there is anything you could do to help my career get going. I've got some ideas. If you have time for lunch or coffee sometime soon, I'd be glad to sit down with you and hash some of them out. If your schedule won't allow, let me know, and I'll write up what I'm thinking.

Here's the executive summary:

I graduated with my PhD in [Field 1] (with an Emphasis in [Interdisciplinary Field]), June 2005. Currently, I'm a Visiting Scholar in the [Field 2] Department. My research focuses on [Area 1] and [Area 2] studies, in particular on [More Details]. I am looking to expand this work into a Center for Research in [Field 1] and [Field 2]. You can check out my Personal Research Website [URL] to get a sense of the work I'm engaged in. I've got one grant proposal under consideration (with the NEH), and a second one under preparation (likely to be submitted to the NIH).

I have years of experience in fundraising and development, so I'm confident, with the necessary push, that I could make this project self-sustaining. I'm hoping there are possibilities for greater affiliation with the University than my visiting scholar status allows, which might facilitate me in establishing the center, and in raising funds and garnering grants to support it. Please let me know your thoughts, or if there is a time we can sit down to talk.

Best regards,


* [Executive Asst. to the Chancellor]

Dear Verbena*,

I am currently a Visiting Scholar in [Field 2] at the University of Paradise. I received my PhD in [Field 1] (from U of P) June 2005. I am seeking opportunities to continue and expand my research. Any support or assistance the [Campus Humanities Center] could offer would be greatly appreciated. The project I am currently seeking funding for is called the [Longitudinal Project]. A draft proposal is posted on my research website at [URL]

Let me know when is a good time to stop by for a chat.

Thank you,


Edited to add: *[Assistant Director, Campus Humanities Center]

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