Monday, July 31, 2006

Inlaws visiting

Hello Friends,

Just a quick check-in. My inlaws are visiting, the Rocket Scientist and I are still waiting for the offer from Rocket Central, and for any other news that might come. I did get a couple more "we hired someone else" letters this week, including one from Tough Commute University. Back to the drawing board.

I contacted a Career Coach, whom I'll be talking to for an initial consultation this week. Started reading a book on academic publishing. I'm pushing ahead. Articles, conference papers, a book or two. But, this week is mostly vacation. My wife is taking off from work (though she remains "on call" if they need her), and the inlaws are here. I'm trying not to hibernate. Enjoying my wonderful family is an important reminder that life indeed is good.

Be well, I'll be checking in as I can, and I'm sure I will have much to say, as the silent contemplations of this week settle in.