Monday, July 24, 2006

Precariously Vicariously yours

I read of Professor Me's transformation into the role of professor, and I smile, vicariously, at her success. And my wife. Ah, my lovely, successful wife. While I wait, precariously, expecting rejection, or perhaps worse, mere silence, she has been diligently penning thank you notes to all the various interviewers she met last week. Here is what she's just forwarded me:
Thank you for your e-mail. It was nice meeting you. I hope that you will seriously consider employment at Rocket Central and specifically in my group. It would be a great opportunity to expand your technical capabilities while infusing our Section with dynamic expertise.
Thanks, we enjoyed talking with you too. I don't have the detail, but I do know that you will be receiving an offer to join Chantelle's group. As you probably recall, her group is responsible for [area my wife is most interested in]. If you decide you would prefer to get some complementary experience, there would be no problem moving to another group.
No telling what time and patience will bring, but my money is that we'll be moving soon, and not likely to the UK.

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Prof. Me said...

Congratulations to Rocket Scientist! That's fantastic news for your little family. Do you think you'll be able to buy a house where you're likely headed? (Dash me off a quick email and give me the juicy details, AD!)

And never fear: God sends you to the right place every time. Prospects may seem dim, or clouded by the incredible brightness of your wife's career, but there are opportunities for you wherever you're headed. I always believe that God does not let you get so far only to fall on your face. He's just testing. Testing. Testing. You've passed every other test in your life, academic and otherwise. You'll pass this one, too.