Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Everything is up in the air, but at least the movements afoot should land solidly in the next couple weeks. Tuesday afternoon, just before loading the family in the van to head to the town where my wife was to have her interview today, I checked my email:

Dear Articulate,

I am terribly sorry; I thought that I had replied to your e-mail, but now I realise that I probably haven't, because I can't see your application anywhere (I think I have confused you with another applicant by the same name). Yes, your background sounds very relevant and if you are still interested, I would be delighted to receive your application. ...

Best wishes, Jocelyn

Dr. Jocelyn Brotbaum is a program lead for a brain imaging unit dealing with aspects of my research, at a university in the UK. I had written to her three weeks ago, when a post-doctoral "career development fellowship" came up on one of my job searches. I had sent her a CV and a brief description of my background, training, and interests, along with links to my Personal Research Website.

No response, so I let the deadline pass. She wrote me after the official closing date, which indicates a certain degree of interest. In her response to a follow up email I wrote to this one, she indicated that I should simply email her my materials, and that she plans to draw up a shortlist next week. Hmmm. It's a three-year post-doc, squarely on the science side of that fence I keep sitting on. Of course I'm still interested. Brain imaging seems to be a lot sexier these days than other aspects of my research. Brain-based humanistic studies seem to be up-and-coming. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. We'll see.

The Rocket Scientist's job interview went well. Actually, she interviewed with FIVE different sections, meaning essentially she's got her pick of jobs, then they'll come up with an offer. Yikes! What a world. I wish I lived in it. She'll likely hear back from them in the next week or so. And, as it turns out the place she'd possibly work at, while a governmental unit, is officially run by a local university. Hmmm. Well, damn right we should negotiate if they want her: Um.... you see, my husband is an academic. What can you do to affect an appointment for him at the university?

Well, that's the update for the moment. Life is a rolling stone.


Prof. Me said...

Hurray for you, AD! At last someone is seeing you for the brilliant scholar you are. I hope that this all works out in the way that it should.

And hurray for Rocket Scientist, too! I feel your frustration at being married to someone with a "portable" career, but at least both of us know we'll never go hungry! And the negotiations for an academic post --- an inspired idea.

Lilian said...

Good, movement is good. Let's see what comes of it, both for you and her. Oh, yes, go for the negociation! :)

betty said...

Oh, I know what this is like! I've been putting out feelers for a few years now and it's getting tough to wait each one out. But you keep moving, hoping something will solidify into a real offer. Best of luck to you and I hope that you get what you want.