Friday, July 07, 2006

Schmoozing the outskirts

My [Field 3] is not a part of the Humanities, rather it's on the other side of the fence I was talking about the other day. In ways, it's a field that's quite important to my research, its relevance, and to aspects of the methodology I use. When I was a graduate student and an officer of the Grad Student government, I had occasion to rub shoulders with much of the upper administration at the university, making acquaintance (or friends) with some. Michael Horowitz, Dean of the the university's Division for Mathematics, Biological and Physical Sciences, under which [Field 3] is housed, was one who fell under the friendlier category. Among my recent email schmoozing, I sent him the following note:
Dear Michael,
As it turns out, I'm still here on campus, post-PhD, plugging away on my research, and seeking opportunities to continue and expand it. I've enjoyed our occasional talks in the past, finding in you an always sympathetic ear for my cross-disciplinary forays.

If you might have some time in the next few weeks to sit down over lunch or a cup coffee to offer some of your sage advice and guidance, I would be most appreciative. To get you up-to-date on what I've been up to, I attach my current CV.

Also, please take a look at my personal research website [URL].

Best regards,


To which he responded:

Dear Articulate,

I'd very much like to take you to lunch. I'll ask my assistant Jacques Verde to find a mutually available slot for us to get together.

Best wishes,


Oh yeah! I do so like the schmoozing. :)

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Lilian said...

Yes! Networking, connections, connections. Let us know how your wife's interview went. My husband had a phone interview a month ago and it didn't go well at all :(