Friday, September 15, 2006

Bane of the interdisciplinary

Re: the [Field 2] conference submission I sent in beginning of last month:
Dear Articulate Dad,

We regret to inform you that we cannot accept your presentation for the [Field 2 Society] workshop to be held in [Place, Date]. As we received many more papers than we can fit into our schedule, we had to reject those papers that were less close to the core topic of the workshop.

As your topic is really interesting in a general [sub-area] perspective, however, we would like to ask you whether you would be ready to stand in if some other talk will be cancelled. According to our experience, there is a greater than 50% chance that at least one talk will be cancelled before the beginning of the workshop. Please let us know whether you would be interested in replacing one of the other presenters should the situation arise.

With kind regards,

[The organizers]
Um... yeah, sure. I would just hope to receive notice in time to get a decent airfare. At least it's positive feedback, if roundabout in a way. But this is what I hear so often: That's fascinating... it's not the right fit for us, but really interesting work. [SIGH]

It's alright. Feedback like this I can handle. It means there's an audience out there, if only I can find a way to target them. I think I'll try to submit another article this coming week. And I've got two more conference abstracts to prepare soon as well. Both of them in the UK.

My wife asks why all the interesting conferences are in Europe. Maybe it's a sign, eh? Got to work out the budget, but I think this year calls for going for broke. If mountains don't move for me, maybe I'll just have to move to the mountains. But that's a decision to be made when the time comes.

***Updated to add***
Dear Sven & Colleagues,

Yes that sounds fine to me. I'd be pleased for the opportunity to come to the workshop, even if "through the back door" as an alternate. I'm glad there is interest in my work, even if it strays a bit from the focus of the workshop. Please let me know if the opportunity arises, so I can make travel plans to attend.

Best regards,

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