Sunday, September 03, 2006

Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

The continuing saga of Paradise vs. Rocket City.

Hey... um, Rocket, uh... okay, first off, you didn't hear this from me... this conversation didn't take place, but... what I told you the other day, that your job here is secure for at least the next two years... well, I've gotten some new news that indicates that... well, your future with the company is in [different city]... and uh... well, I mean, in a matter of months.

Hmmm... well, that does change things now, doesn't it? See, a large factor in the Rocket Scientist's choice to stay over going was the uncertainty of our short-term future, and the thought that it might be too much upheaval for us to move now, and possibly again in a year or so.

She's relatively happy with her work (though obviously management could use a face-lift!) She'd be happy at Rocket Central as well, though we can't say how long we'd stay. The thing I've taken from all this is a stronger sense that we are a team, that it doesn't really matter who's driving, we're taking the trip together, and we might as well take the car with the full tank of gas. As she pointed out, I did bring us to Europe for a year, and that was an experience to remember. It's not that I don't contribute to our well-being and life-plans, it's simply perhaps my turn to take the passenger's seat.

Ironically, the best thing I ever did for her career was come to graduate school in Paradise. Her career has rocketed up from then, and shows few signs of hitting ground anytime soon. To some extent, it was sheer luck that she was looking for work in her field at that time in this place. She was miserable in her previous job, and had considered leaving the field. In the end, she decided to stick with it, really enjoyed the work and co-workers, learned a lot, and found a niche that has come to be much in demand. Coming back, though it took some negotiating, and a flat rejection of their initial offer, she took a promotion, and a handsome raise. Thus we packed up our lives, left the house where my father died, and came back to Paradise. If now we leave, we'll find our own paradise.

The task for both us, then, is to make the best of the opportunities that are before us. We can't control what presents itself, but we can steer to avoid obstacles. Now, we're back again to square one. Tuesday, the Rocket Scientist will call back HR at Rocket Central once again to say:

hey, you know what, I've been thinking about Rocket Central all weekend, and well, what do you have to offer me? Maybe we can work something out after all.

Always an adventure; never a dull moment!

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