Monday, September 18, 2006

Well, lookie here

[Field 1] Department

The Department of [Field 1] at [Big East Private] University seeks to appoint a scholar of exceptional ability and achievement in original research, publication, and teaching. The position is at the rank of Assistant Professor and the appointment will commence September 1, 2007, pending budgetary and administrative approval. Preference will be given to expertise in [Subfield 3], although a fundamental requirement of the position will be the ability to work across disciplines. ...we are seeking someone dedicated to working with scholars in all these fields. The position involves teaching and advising at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Please send a cover letter, detailed CV, and three letters of recommendation with the application and mail to: [BEP] [Field 1] Search Committee, c/o Tasse Plein, Chair, Department of [Field 1], [Big East Private University]...

[SIGH] Much to think about here. Do I need to decode and deconstruct the advice I've been getting lately? I sent the announcement to my wife, when I saw it. She asks, "what are you thinking"? I replied:
What am I thinking?.... hmmm. One thing's for certain: I'd have a tough time NOT applying. That said, I think I'd need to work hard on making my letter stand out as something entirely different! Tasse knows me, and my best guess is he'll recuse himself from any decisions (at least unless there is strong interest in my application). But, he's been giving me a lot of advice lately about how most positions would not permit the sort of research I'm interested in doing, knowing full well, I suspect, that I would come across this posting.

Think also about his advice regarding Turf. See, this would be my third application to BEP in three years. What am I thinking? I don't know, Rocket. I really don't know.

Updated to add:
Hi Tasse,

Is this a new post, or a reopening of the position from last year? Are there specific courses that are being targeted to be taught?


Dear Articulate:

Same job as last year. We didn't fill it. We're looking for members of the intellectual community more than someone to teach specific courses. It's always a long shot, but there's no reason not to send in an application. I'm not on the committee.




codfish said...

Have been reading your latest posts abt the job-search with a great deal of sympathy and empathy. I think everybody goes through it - if it helps I'm pretty much in the same mire too. Hang in there! Things will work out. :-)

Greg said...

Two quick thoughts. First, if someone knows an applicant and likes him/her, they do the opposite of recusal--they lobby. Second, I totally agree with his response--it is very much a long shot, but sometimes they pay off.