Thursday, September 07, 2006

Karl-Heinz renews contact

Hi Articulate:

I am going through some old e-mails and wanted to make sure if you are serious about a December submission. The [specific grant] requires citizenship if I remember correctly. Are you a US citizen?



[Uh... yeah, nice to hear from you. I guess I had given up on that prospect since you had fallen silent following my discussion of the sort of project I'd like to work on.]

Not going to write that back to him, I promise. I'll get back to him in the next day or two. Yes, I think I would like to prepare a grant proposal to work with him. Still a bit concerned about writing a fundable project proposal without any experience in brain imaging. But, I'll work on that. Still have that contact Patrick at the university in Rocket City who has remained upbeat and supportive. Perhaps there's room for at least an informal association there, which would give me more confidence and experience in that regard. We'll see. One step at a time.

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