Tuesday, September 05, 2006

On the edge

The Rocket Scientist called Rocket Central this morning, and spoke with her handler in HR.
Hmmm. Well, the offer is off the table. We'd have to get approval from all the managers to reopen it. If I get approval, would you be willing to take the original offer.

Well, if it's [dollar figure, 3.5% above the original offer] I could take it today, otherwise, I'd have to do some thinking.

The offer I was authorized for wasn't that. Meantime
, I suggest you do some thinking. I'll look into reopening it. Hope to be back to you with word today.
I received notice in today's email that the position at the University of Southern Orchards which remained unfilled last year, has officially been reopened. The job description was modified however, to specify scholars with a research interest in [not my area] particularly encouraged to apply. I called last year's search committee chair (whose letter read in part "We would greatly appreciate having another opportunity to give you full consideration") to feel out the situation.

He's not on this year's committee, but he confirmed that that specialization is what they seem to really need, though they avoided specifying it last year. Okay, now I know: they're out.

Meantime, I'm still Dr. Dad, and enjoying the time with my boys. The au pair called from Europe today to say that she got her new visa, so we'll see her in about a week without complications. I'm ready to start a new year, focusing on building my niche, rather than obsessing about the job search.

I don't know if we'll be in Rocket City, or if we'll be looking back in our old haunts, if we'll just stick it out here in Paradise, and wait to see if a transfer is in the offing a few months down the road, or start a broader search. I'll be keeping an eye on faculty job listings, but I'm not going to apply anywhere the Rocket Scientist couldn't also reasonable find work, unless the job is just too good to pass up.

Meanwhile, I continue to get hits on my PRW from someone at Hurricane Magnet U. Still no word, but at least I know they're interested. The thing is, it's time for us to stop waiting for something to happen, and simply make our decisions as a family, based on what we know at the moment. First thing, we have to hear back from Rocket Central. We don't need it. If the offer is there, we've got new news which will help us decide. If tomorrow brings something else, we'll look at everything with fresh eyes. There's really no other way to handle it right now.

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