Friday, November 24, 2006

Crazy, sure, but good

The family's visit is almost over. No big flare ups. Too bad we only had my nephew for a few hours around dinner then bedtime, and a couple hours in the morning. But it's good to see him anyhow. He's four months younger than the Painter. It's nice for the cousins to know each other.

Middle Brother has spent more time with the family than I can remember for a long time. Oldest Brother... well, he's out on a blind date tonight. He got paid yesterday. So... he went out to buy some new clothes (Macy's), and got his car washed. Yeah! Really. I think it tells you something about his priorities, that he needs to borrow $100 to visit family, but suddenly finds who knows ($80-100 or more) rather than thinking ahead and bringing some nice clothes from home, and say, washing his car by hand! Any way... it's his life. I didn't really lend him the $100... I took it from the cash in our joint account, the remains of my father's "estate".

The three cousins got along fairly well (as did I and my two older brothers). My mother and Middle Brother depart tomorrow by plane. We'll give them a ride in and chance the traffic. Oldest Brother, who knows? Don't know when he'll get back tonight.

But, the turkey was good (Julia Child's deconstructed turkey recipe, modified of course). The stuffing, and mashed potatoes, the sauerkraut, and orange cranberries, the home baked rolls, all went over well. Tonight I made homemade bagels for tomorrow's breakfast. They're GOOD! Let's hope this year brings more of the successes we all seek, but even if life is all the same in a year, there is much to be thankful for.

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