Thursday, November 30, 2006

I want a holiday

Today: Van wouldn't start. Someone (it wasn't me) left the rear lights on, for two days! The battery was dead. Half the day gone with getting it charged. Okay, not terrible. Just annoying.

Yesterday: 3:00 meeting with... the owner of our house (old, infirm, dementia issues) and her daughter (she has a daughter? I thought we were dealing with her son and daughter-in-law.). A-yup. I had gotten an odd call on Tuesday, as I was driving to teach my guest lecture, from the realtor who had served as the rental agent (but who explained that he was not to serve as property manager). He asked if I'd be around to meet with them the following day. Um... yeah, I guess. Don't worry, it's nothing about you... just... something happened on their end, with their family. Oh... well, that sure put my mind at ease.

Turns out there is a domestic dispute between the son and daughter, involving lawyers, bank accounts, wills, and powers of attorney. The mother is caught in the middle, as unfortunately are we. I signed an amendment to the lease, indicating that I should mail my checks to a different address. Oh well, it's not my family... I pay my bills, and hope that they'll get to the right parties.

Tomorrow: My wife turns 35! I ordered her a $100 gift certificate for Victoria's Secret that she doesn't know about yet. When she gets home from work, I will whisk her off for a half hour drive to a nice little French bistro, followed by a play.

We need to get out more. She deserves it. I think I do too. I need a break... a pause from all the worries. I need to stop and figure out where I'm going, how I'm getting there, and why. Okay, part of this is the trouble with waiting. I've sent off applications; now I just sit it out, if or until I hear back. But I need to not just be waiting. I need to chart a course (flexible enough to take detours) and head off.

I'm beginning to do that. My wife is a wonderful co-pilot. Happy birthday to her!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to the Rocket Scientist! I hope you had a lovely date. We haven't had a good one in years, literally :( not even while my parents were here.

Anonymous said...

oh, yeah, and we did have battery troubles two weeks ago as well... VERY annoying. Particularly having to walk pushing a heavy double stroller for countless blocks all day and even at night to pick up the car. I miss having two cars.