Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Damn Wind!

Yesterday, I had a coaching session. One comment from Paul:
You're coming off of about two years of nearly constant disappointment. We need to focus on getting Articulate on the right path. Then we can deal with the circumstances surrounding you.
We came to an agreement that I would develop of syllabus-like plan for my life from now until about September. That will be a decision point for us. The Rocket Scientist completes her year of obligation to Rocket Central around that time. I say her obligation since we'd have to pay back the costs of the move if she left sooner. That's not to say she will leave at that point, but it gives us a time-frame for when she could make a decision to move on.

As for me, that period marks the beginning of a new academic year, meaning I'll either have a faculty post, adjuncting work, or nothing. What else can I do that would satisfy my desires, my hopes, my dreams?

I'm becoming more and more interested in this domain of applied research. But it's a stretch for me, a stretch for my background. Damn it, I just want to be able to convince someone somewhere that it's worth giving me a chance. I CAN DO THIS! DO YOU HEAR ME! I'M NOT STUPID! I'VE GOT GOOD IDEAS! COMMITMENT! PLEASE, SOMEBODY LISTEN TO ME!

This morning, I sent off another four inquiry letters to different people involved in this research. Here's the one train that's run so far:
Dear Matthew,

I have come across your work involving the [Research Project], and would very much like to become a part of these efforts, and the broader enterprise involving [specifics of research applications]. I am currently seeking a shift in career from academia to applied research. The work that is being done at [Corporate Research Lab] is of the most exciting nature to me. I am seeking the means to enter the field, and am therefore soliciting advice in this regard. Any suggestions or opportunities you might point me to would be greatly appreciated. For more information about me and my recent activities, I welcome you to visit my website [URL for my PRW].

Attached, please find a copy of my resume. I look forward to hearing from you.

Dear Articulate,

Your qualifications are impressive but they are not a good match for us. Good luck in the future.

Thank You, Matthew, for your quick response.

My question then would be what specific qualifications, knowledge, or skills would I need to acquire in order to become a good match? How might I go about acquiring them? Are there any internship or volunteer opportunities I can pursue now?

Thank you for your time,
I figured that was a better response to his note than "Well, bloody fuck you too! A whole hell of a lot of good that does me. Luck I can do without! What I need is a foot in the door, and at this point, I don't give a damn if that foot gets a little bloody being shoved where it isn't yet welcome." Good thing I'm more diplomatic in my actions than in my thoughts, eh?

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Lilian said...

Oh my!! I don't know if I would be able to articulate such a good reply (well, you're "Articulate Dad" after all :) when my feelings were of such bitterness and pure anger.

Hard, hard stuff.