Sunday, February 25, 2007

Industry Conference followups, Part I

The floodgates are open. There are so many emails going back and forth, perhaps it's easiest if I continue in that vein for a while. Yesterday, I sent off about a dozen followup contacts (desperately seeking to get back to everyone I met before I head overseas), many with copies of my resume, some simply to say "nice to meet you," others with much greater detail.

Among the most important contacts was Frank Mayer, who was my entry point to the event, an old hand in the industry, President of the principal industry professional association (which helped sponsor the event), a consummate schmoozer, and a wonderful and willing partner in my crime of introductions:

I just want to thank you for your drive, enthusiasm, assistance, and patience with my testing the waters at [Industry Conference West]. It was an inspirational event for me, and I suspect a pivotal one for my career. I stand now fully convinced that this is the direction I wish to head. Your generosity of spirit was quite a gift to me, and for that I thank you.

Looking forward to many more interactions in the future. Hopefully, I'll have as much to offer you then, as you were kind enough to offer me these past few weeks.

FYI, I attach a copy of my resume. Do stay in touch. I'll be sure to let you know how things progress for me.

Yours enthusiastically,
I confess "fully convinced" is a bit of hyperbole. Fake it 'til you make it, in a sense. But I am enthusiastic and excited about the prospects. The embers are glowing, but will they ignite the bonfire, only time will tell.

It was a delight to meet you, and I'm really glad you decided to invest in the trip to attend the conference. Even though you didn't mange to walk away with a job offer in your pocket, you've broken the ice on numerous fronts and I suspect it's only a matter of time -- a short amount of time -- until one of these turns into an opportunity for you. You made a lasting, positive impression on many folks, certainly me among them!

I look forward to staying in touch -- my business brings me out to [Rocket City area] periodically, and hopefully yours will bring you to the [Industry Conference East] in NYC in August. In 5 years I expect to be in the audience watching YOU at the podium, commenting to the person next to me, 'hey, I knew this dude when he was just struggling and out-of-work, and now look at him!'

Warmest regards,


trillwing said...

Yay! Excellent feedback.

Lilian said...

Well, it's certainly good to hear that!