Friday, February 09, 2007

Industry conference


Great to talk with you, really. Attached is my CV, and a brief description of my [Longitudinal Project]. Also, feel free to look over my personal research website [URL]. My entire dissertation is posted there in pdf, including about 75 examples
of [aspect he noted an interest in]. For a briefer (and perhaps better) version of the contents, check out my [Dissertation Distillation] article at [URL]. I'll see what I can do to come to [Industry Conference]. I'd be great to meet you in person.


I agree - it was a pleasure meeting you and I hope to get a chance to meet you face to face at [Industry conference].

I swapped emails with some of my associates to collect names of individuals or organizations interested in [research focus]. You should be able to find contact information for the ones without email addresses using Google. I believe all these individuals or companies are involved with research and development associated with [research focus, with details].

[List of contacts and affiliations, some with emails]

Stay in touch and let me know if you plan to attend [Industry conference] in 2 weeks. I'm confident some of these folks will be there.

Good luck!
I'm going. I booked the flight and hotel this morning. Three days after I get back, I fly to Europe for this [Field 2] conference. Got to get that presentation up to speed. I guess that's next week's focus. I've got everything I need for the analysis. I've got more than half of the work done. I just wanted to include some new material, which is ripe now. Lot's to do, lot's to think about. I just need to get settled.

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