Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Embarking on a Journey

I've got a coaching at 10:00. I'll piddle around my office for a couple hours, then head home for lunch. I'll head to the airport around 3:00 or so, then fly to [Industry Conference] this evening. Tomorrow the event begins in the morning. I've got a half hour meeting in the afternoon with this big shot in the field I'm hoping to enter. On Thursday, I head to [Big Western Private] for a coffee meeting with Larry Strope. Hopefully I'll have more meetings and informals with people at [Industry Conference], and hopefully I'll learn a great deal more about just what sorts of work is going on, where my research might fit in, what prospects and opportunities there might be for me.

I fly home on Friday, then off to Europe for 5 days for a [Field 2] conference next Monday. Busy busy. I'm enjoying the work. I'm hoping hoping hoping that I can find a way to just do this work. I've spent so much time and energy simply applying for jobs. That's the real shame. I've spent more of myself on looking for work and less on doing the work I wish to do.

Things are happening now, though. Things are changing. The Rocket Scientist and I are beginning to steer again, beginning to dream together again. She's all over the place with figuring out what she wants. But that's good. Upheaval. One moment she thinks she just wants to stay home with the boys for a few years. Then she wonders. It's time for her to start dreaming again too, to start designing her own life, our lives together.

Wish me luck with all this traveling. I should be able to check in a bit on the blog at least this week. I don't know about Europe.


zu brav said...

Wishing you lots of luck on your journeys and conferences!

Lilian said...

I wish you lots of luck and happy dreaming and planning. Wish us luck too... I'm on pins and needles waiting for the possible offer for my husband. The last interview was last week on the 15th.

Happy travels too!

timna said...

nu.... waiting to hear.

ArticulateDad said...

Ah, yes, my friends... soon, soon! I just landed at my home airport. I'm heading home soon. Much much much to write. Wait but a little more. I'll write soon. I promise.