Monday, February 05, 2007

Setting the sails to the wind

A couple days ago, I wrote of the winds of change. This morning, I wrote up an "initial contact" email to the director of the corporate research lab I found over the weekend. I did a bit more web research regarding the field and job opportunities. Of course, it's not like I wasn't aware of the technologies. They're being developed, sure. They've been in development for a long time. And frankly, I don't fit quite it would seem, since the areas I'm most interested are not really focused on. And what's more, I'm coming at this from a rather different angle, with markedly different training and background. But then, hey, isn't that the point? That I might have something to contribute that's unique, different.

I sent the email, with my resume, and a description of my [Longitudinal Project] which in my mind has a lot to do with my interest in getting involved with this field of research. This is the real-world practical application of my research. I just hadn't really thought of it as a career path before. But, hey, why not? I mean, my hope is not simply to wallow away in a classroom somewhere, talking about irrelevancies.

I would be quite willing to take even an entry-level position working in this area of research, as long as I could get corporate support for continued training in whatever areas I might need to develop additional skills. From what I can tell, an entry-level corporate job would be comparable in pay and benefits to what I might likely expect in most entry-level assistant professor posts. This may just be a direction I'd prefer to head. Can't quite say yet.

Meantime, I will still be sending out more applications for faculty posts, and inquiries for adjuncting. But the Rocket Scientist and I are coming closer to understanding our hopes and dreams, where we might like to live, what sort of work environments we would ideally seek. A house, some land, a garden, meaningful work that contributes positively to society, appreciation, and little or no commute! We're setting up targets. Now, to develop those archery skills.


trillwing said...

I like the tone of hope in this post. Good luck not only with your job, but with your shared dreams.

Lilian said...

Similar targets here... less hopefulness too (well, your hopeful tone did change in the next posts too).