Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Never trust an estimate

Friday evening the adapter for my laptop died. It just stopped working. I had noticed an odd behavior for a day or two before, that the cable was losing connection or had a short, such that if I wiggled the wire a bit, the power would connect again. I could tell because my monitor is a bit dimmer when running on battery.

Saturday morning, I called Dell to order a replacement. I'll upgrade you to next business day shipping at no cost, which will get it there... as soon as... on Monday. [SIGH] Monday came... monday went. Dell and DHL continued to show the estimated deliver date as 2/12. After several calls which couldn't confirm the package's location, nor it's actual scheduled delivery, they assured me it would be put on priority and they'd get it to me as soon as possible Tuesday morning. The website tracking updated to "by 3:00 pm" even though the estimated date remained 2/12. It finally arrived yesterday around 4:30pm.

What a relief! I had access to our home desktop, thus giving me internet access to my email. But do you realize how much of my life is kept on files on my laptop? I don't really like that. I think I'll get an external hard drive to back up both the laptop and the desktop. That should help.

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Lilian said...

something similar's been going on around here, only it's my desktop
I'm chained to and I've been having to use since the water on keyboard accident on Friday night...

My husband finally bought a keyboard tonight. HA, and we've had the external hard drive (100GB) since last Thanksgiving, but haven't used it yet. Silly, huh?