Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A little more like it

Dear Bhaktiva,

I have come across your work regarding the [Research Project] and research in the [Department at Corporate Giant]. I am currently seeking a shift in career from academic to applied research, and am therefore seeking contacts in the field whose work most inspires me. The efforts going on at Appleton Hills [location of their research lab] are of the greatest interest to me in this regard. Any assistance or suggestions you might be able to offer me as I move toward a career in [Applied Research Field] would be most appreciated.

My background is in [Field 1] and [aspect of Field 2]. My PhD dissertation regarded the work of [Historical Figure] involving [aspect of Field 2] from about a century ago. Currently, I am continuing this work in [description of research I'll be presenting in Europe in a few weeks]. I'm also beginning a project called [Longitudinal Project, general overview].

For your perusal, I attach a copy of my current CV, and a brief description of [Longitudinal Project]. Also, feel free to visit my website [URL of PRW]. Again, any advice or suggestions you might offer me would be most welcome. If you know of any appropriate opportunities for someone with my background and interests either at [Corporate Giant] or elsewhere, I would be most grateful for that information.

I thank you,

Thanks for getting in touch with me! I will get back to you as soon as I have had a chance to take a look at your resume (within this week). Perhaps, we can set up a phone call after that as well. I will also circulate your resume within [Corporate Giant] (will copy you on it).

Not holding my breath, mind you. From what I can tell, Bhaktiva works in the same group that Matthew heads. He responded to my follow up inquiry yesterday, even briefer than before, indicating simply that they mostly hire people with an engineering or computer science background. Poo poo! To quote Franz de Waal yet again:
We cannot afford to look through a single pair of glasses; we need lots of different glasses to see reality.

--de Waal (2001), The Ape and the Sushi Master, p. 182
Vision, people. Vision!


apparently said...

Not on topic but I'm wondering how you found a job coach - I can't see any link for email. If you don't mind, can you send me a quick email on where one looks for such help to -- thanks and best of luck!

Lilian said...

Hmmm, tough, tough.

Sometimes I wish my husband was an engineer and not a physicist (that's what his colleague I refer to in my last post is).