Monday, August 28, 2006

Another feeler

Dear John,

I am currently seeking post-doctoral research opportunities to continue my focus on [Field 1] and [Field 2] studies. I'm sure we've met at SII or [International conference] over the years. I also met [one of your graduate students] in [European City] a couple years ago at [Interdisciplinary Field 1 Conference]. Please let me know if there are any possible opportunities to work with you at Hurricane Magnet U.

I have several projects underway or in preparation which may be of interest to you. The first is my [Longitudinal Project], which I expect to begin preliminary data gathering for this fall. [Description of the project]. A draft proposal can be found at [URL].

Next, I have an outstanding NEH grant under consideration [Description of the project]. The proposal for that can be located at [URL].

Finally, I am engaged in [Field 2 project description], and to compare my findings with [focus of my dissertation].

In any case, I look forward to hearing from you regarding possibilities.

Best regards,

Hi Articulate,

Yes [Grad Student] and I remember you. How are you? We would be interested in getting you here, of course.

I don't have any postdoc lines available right now, but I have 3 grants in ... so there are possibilities.

What is your time frame?

I am leaving on sabbatical one week from today. I'll be at [big name school in our interdiscipline]... but you can send me email at this address.

Could you send me your vita?


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