Wednesday, August 23, 2006

It's time

Dear [Field 1 Acquisitions Editor for Publisher],

It's been a while since we met in Belgium at [International Field 1 Conference] to discuss possibilities regarding [Subject of a Conference Panel I had organized and chaired]. I'm now finished with my PhD and well-ensconced as a post-doctoral researcher in the area of [Field 1] & [Field 2] Studies, including the study of [conference panel subject]. I wanted to make contact with you again, as I am now prepared and committed to dedicate a good deal of time to writing, and would like to discuss the possibility of publishing my work with [Publisher].

The first prospect is my dissertation, [Title], which focuses on [Topic], dealing both with the historical matters of [specific historical focus] as well as more timeless questions regarding perception and the relationship of [Field 1] to [Field 2]. (The complete document can be downloaded from [URL] on my PRW. The target audience is scholars in [Field 1/subfield 1] and [subfield 2] interested in 19th & 20th Century subjects, including [interdisciplinary area] and [Field 2 scholars] involved with the [Field 2 focus area]. An abbreviated and updated version of this work was recently published as the lead article in [Journal Name] and can be found online at: [Journal URL]

The timing is perfect to publish this as a book, as two separate related projects are currently underway by [European Country where I did my Fulbright year] scholars: the first by the [Foundation Name] to publish a complete edition of [focus of the dissertation]; the second by a group at [University] and the [Archives] to digitize the entire collection, facilitating further research. In addition, I am encouraged that [Field 1] & [Field 2] Studies is a fast emerging area of research.

There are several upcoming conferences in 2007 which focus on this area. One is at [Big Name Old University] in the UK, next May; another in August is the third Conference on Interdisciplinary [Field 1 studies] to be held in [Northern European Country]. Further, there is increasing interest from [Field 2] and from interdisciplinary groups interested in the cross-sections between [various research areas]. I recently presented a talk at [Conference Name] in Edinburgh, and anticipate giving another such paper at the annual meeting of the German Society of [Field 2] in [German City], this coming Winter.

I am currently engaged in a group of projects, dealing with different aspects of [Field 1] & [Field 2] Studies, each of which I expect to turn into publications. I will shortly begin gathering data for a longitudinal study of the [focus of study] to document and test questions regarding the impact of [data points] on the cognitive development of infants and children, correlating the inputs from earliest life to the children's later [Behaviors]. This is the first such study to include [Field 1] and [Field 2] on an equal footing.

Another project, currently under consideration for a grant by the National Endowment for the Humanities, is a follow up to my dissertation work. Using [topic of dissertation] as a jumping off point, I am surveying the history of [subject], and developing a system usable for [Field 1] & [Field 2] in order to best facilitate comparisons across these domains.

One area that I wish to help develop in [Field 1/subfields 1 & 2] studies is the [description of methodological shift]. I gave preliminary presentations of this work at the joint Southern/Nothern California meeting of the SOD, and as the invited speaker for the [Field 2] Colloquium at the University of Paradise both last May. The material under consideration included [description of materials].

Last March, I created a website dedicated to the integrated study of [Field 1] and [Field 2] [URL of PRW], which has steadily received 10-20 visitors a day since inception. I am thus encouraged that a growing audience exists for this work. Attached you will find a current copy of my CV. Please let me know if any of these projects pique your interests and seem appropriate to [Publisher]. I look forward to hearing from you. Perhaps I will see you in November at SOD in [City Name]?

Best regards,


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