Friday, January 19, 2007

Early commute

I'm in my office, but heading out in a little while. I've got to meet with the professor for this language class around 12:30. Still need to register, and since it's concurrent enrollment through their extension program, I need to gather several signatures and pay my fees before class.

I also meet this evening with a native speaker of said language, to help me go over some dialectic materials that I will be discussing at this [Field 2] conference in Germany in about a month.

Got cc'd on an email from Tasse Plein to [Center] at Big West Private, which included a rather glowing reference for me. We shall see. I would really like this job. But, I'm not holding my breath, or leaving my life on hold while I wait.

For anyone interested in my childish ideas, take a peek at the comments to the earlier post of that name. That should gain you access to a few of my children's book sketches. I'll be putting up the two with songs as soon as I get around to transferring the music to an electronic document.

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