Thursday, January 11, 2007

Trust it

My wife sent me an email suggesting I "do something to feel better". It was a forward regarding the current Red Cross urgency for blood donors. I'll try to give blood in the next week. Also, bought some masking tape to begin covering my office walls. I put up a "painting" that the Inventor and I collaborated on a couple weeks ago. The Painter wouldn't give up the one he made of a rather elaborate and colorful sun. But, I'm sure I'll coerce him out of something to put on my walls sometime soon. For now, I still have his Daddy, I Love You collage from last June, which is magnetted to my filing cabinet. And, I put up a calendar of Israel, a gift from my inlaws.

Next, soon, I hope to put up my birthday present from my wife, as soon as it arrives.

Mostly, I know, what I need to do, is keep on keeping on. I trust my path. I fear it, but I trust it.

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