Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Baited breath. I suppose many of you are tasting the worms of such bait, awaiting my commentary on yesterday's coaching. It's intense to spend two hours face to face, one on one, discussing oneself, one's life, one's meaning, one's goals, one's dreams, one's hopes. It's raw, and it's naked.

Overall, I think the initial session was productive. Some of the things I got out of it were a sense that it's okay to be where I am. It doesn't change it, at least not yet. And there are conflicts which remain, that I'll be talking about here a bit as time goes one.

I made a recording of the session, which I've been listening through this morning. The first thing that came up through the method of process coaching, which is a sort of updated ego-stripping, with the aim of breaking down one's defenses, (as Paul put it) to dig down to the lie that you're telling yourself:
you got a little lie made up for yourself
which is that
from over here is hysterical
[laugh] for a guy like you to say
I don't have any power man
[laugh] I can't
I don't have any power over that
you're a person of immense power, okay
but you got a little gremlin back here
saying, you don't have power, okay,
and the confusion is between power in here
and power out in the world
I think of Francois Villon:
Je suis Fran├žoise dont il me poise
ne de Paris empres Pontoys
et de la corde d'un toise
saura mon col que mon cul poise
A man, condemned to be hanged. What more can you take from one than their life? Yet, in the face of it, he did not shirk, but with humor faced it, unwilling to relinquish his own power over self. There are things indeed about which we have no control. It is in finding the strength to harness our inner power, without concerning ourselves too much with those outer forces we can do nothing about, that our task is to be had.

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