Thursday, January 25, 2007

Put that in your hat

Today's mail brought:
Dear Articulate:

Today I had Tim Ginsburg [prominent cross-over researcher] in to speak about his new book. I mentioned your name and that you had applied to [center at Big West Private]. He said, "I wish I'd known, I'd be glad to write him a letter." So put that in your hat until you need it. His book has done quite well, and a letter from him could be useful at some point.

Hope all's well!


That brought a smile to my face. Ginsburg happens also to be on the faculty in a different discipline (but with a joint appointment in Field 1) at another university (in Canada) where I've applied, and from whence a couple days ago, someone did a Google search for my real name.

Meantime, I've done a lot of cleaning up in my office today, trying to find my notes on which essays by [protagonist of my dissertation] I need to translate. I did some of the translations last year, when I was writing up my dissertation distillation article, which material was incorporated into the text. I still haven't found those notes, but it's a good exercise to clean and purge.

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