Thursday, January 18, 2007

Updates on several fronts

Put an ad on Craig's list for volunteers for my longitudinal study. Every previous attempt has so far failed to garner me subjects. Got my first email today, and just spoke with the woman on the phone. I'm quite pleased and excited. I know I can do this. I know that the data will be a rich mine for future studies. I know that what I have to contribute is unique in these studies. But I've got to prove it. My current plan is for a 3-6 month pilot study, paying volunteers (modestly) out of my own pocket, to reward their participation, in the hopes that I will have enough from that pilot study to win some grant funding for the long-term (3 years) project. But, this is only one subject, and only preliminary. I'm aiming for five for the pilot study.

This afternoon, I've been doing homework. Really. I just can't stay away from school. I'm going to take this language class, despite the horrors of commuting. Maybe I can start a language club, and connive others to join me for a non-English dinner after class on Fridays. (<--Btw, I'm quite aware that connive is an intransitive verb... but then I'm also aware that language change occurs through subtle means.)

I emailed the center administrator at Big West Private to inquire as to the status of their search. I got an email a day or two ago from the search committee for the other [Field 1-traditional] post at Big West Private to inform me that I was no longer being considered. So, it looked like the timing was right. She wrote me back to say that they had only received two of three letters of recommendation. Tasse Plein's was missing. Aaarrgh!
Can you contact at least one other reference and have them e-mail me a copy to complete your file?

The committee is reviewing all the files and we will be in touch within a few weeks.
So, I wrote Tasse:
Can you please send a letter on my behalf to [center] at Big West Private? They seem not to have received one from you.
To which, he replied:
Not only did I send a letter to them, but I received confirmation of it from them. I'll of course send another one out tomorrow morning, but this is really crazy.
Hope it works out!
The upshot that matters is that I'm still in the running, at least for now.

Also saw a new listing for a post at a small four-year school in the Midwest. There are potential opportunities for the Rocket Scientist. The cost of living is substantially lower than here. I did a search in the area for 4 bedroom/2 bath houses under $400k, and came up with nearly 750, of which more than half are below $250k! There are two largish cities within about an hour's drive. Anyway, it sounds interesting.

Work work work! It's a rollercoaster I ride, but I might as well take advantage of the ups, while I can.

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