Friday, January 26, 2007

Latest from Lemon

I've been keeping up an occasional correspondence with my friend Sara Chaisano at Lemon University. After many years of trying, she and husband are now parents. So, she's a bit overwhelmed with all the details. Fortunately, she recently received tenure, so a large burden has been lifted, as she steps into this entirely new territory.

Lemon is a medium-sized liberal arts college. She is the only full-timer in [subfield 1] in the department, which seems to serve mostly a service status there. As you may recall, after my guest lecture for her class, she was excited to try and bring me aboard as an adjunct, especially as they've had somewhat less than stellar results from having a visiting [subfield 2er] teach the intro courses. There is also a good possibility that she will be taking a sabbatical at least part of next year, meaning her courses would need covering as well.

Here is what she wrote today:
Hi Articulate,

Things are still overwhelming, but good. No time for anything! I did talk to my [subfield 2] colleagues and they both agree that you'd be great to have to teach [intro to Field 1] and to teach the [interdisciplinary Field 1] class, so we talked to the dean and he was interested, but he said he didn't have the money to hire another part-timer this term and we could probably do it for next academic year. Don't know if that's true, probably could hire someone this term, but he doesn't want to for some reason. So I'll let you know........

Hope you and your family are all well!
I also sent out a couple emails yesterday following up on possibilities to adjunct at other local schools. They were places I contacted early in the fall, when we were about to move to Rocket City. One school wrote back right away that there were no immediate openings, but that there is often a need in [Field 1/subfield 1], so they'd let me know.

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undine said...

I remember your post about the talk you gave there & hope that the class will come through.